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Welcome to the site for the North Fulton and Friends Tea Party (NFFTEA), Roswell, GA. 

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Our Mission

North Fulton and Friends TEA is a grassroots group of citizens joined together out of concern and love for our country, families and the Constitution of these United Sates of America.  We were not started nor funded by any individual or organized group.  We joined together in an effort to communicate to our federal government that we are losing faith in our ability to realize the American Dream through our own independent efforts.  Instead of letting our concern become anger and anti-government, we choose to exercise our right of assembly and our right to free speech to publicly express our love for our Country and Constitution.  Our mission is to inspire, educate and, hopefully, activate our fellow citizens through knowledge and education about our Constitution and civic responsibilities.  In doing so, we hope to attract others to join us in protecting our Constitutional liberties so sacrificially handed down by the Founding Fathers of this great Nation by exercising our voting powers to elect leadership that will do the right thing. 

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